I am sitting in polar morning, 20.11.11, foto23597

fall in Hamburg at lake Alster, 14.10.11, foto23506

Podersdorf at Neusiedler See. 29.9.11, foto23495

house sparrows, 29.9.11, foto23465

small airplanes banish starlings out of vineyards, 29.9.11, foto23431

evening at Neusiedler See HDR, 27.9.11, doro23458

wild boar tuscer, 28.9.11, foto23415

sunset at lake Neusiedler see, 27.9.11, foto23886

windpower in northern Germany, 9.10.11, foto23342

black stork in nationalpark Bayerischer Wald, 26.9.11, foto23330

apple fare in Hamburg, 24.9.11, foto23350

wild boar in sunset, 26.9.11, foto23316

capercaillie in nationalpark Bayerischer Wald, 26.9.11, foto23306

100 years ago Roald Amundsen reached the South Pole, here his map, 21.9.11, foto23287

lake Prestvannet in fall, 10.9.11, foto23208

sea fog on Kattfjord, 10.9.11, foto23204

european otter on lake Prestvannet, 11.9.11, foto23228

young red-throated diver begging, 13.9.11, foto23231

storm clouds over island Kvaløya, 7.9.11, foto23166

indian summer in northern Norway, 6.9.11, foto23144

aurora over lake Prestvannet, 3.9.11, foto23110

aurora with clouds, 3.9.11, foto23106

cruiseship Wilhelm Tham on Gotha canal, 2.8.11, foto22907

young lynx, lynx lynx, 5.8.11, foto23039

wolverine, gulo gulo, 5.8.11, foto23029

grey seal, halichoerus grypus, 5.8.11, foto23020

european bison, bison bosanus, 5.8.11, foto22995

Queen Mary 2 in Hamburg, 14.8.11, foto22875

Gotha canal, 2.8.11, foto22841

cruiseship Wilhelm Tham on Gotha canal, 2.8.11, foto22839

folds in genss, Sweden, 1.8.11, foto22894

red-throated diver starting, blured, 20.7.11, foto22779

mallard chicken, anas platyrhynchos, 20.7.11, foto22760

north norwegian summer, 9.7.11, foto22631

water droplet on lupine, 2.7.11, foto22566

Himalayan poppy, 25.6.11, foto22514

dream summer in northern Norway, 27.6.11, foto22495

The female winner of this years midnight sun marathon in Tromso Mari Brox, 26.6.11, foto22482

Coastal steamer M/S Nordnorge during TV-Live-sending at 20.6.11 in Tromsø, foto22421

me on a mountain tour, 11.6.11, foto22278

midnightsun eclipse on 1.6.11 in norhtern Norway; this is my 20.000. foto on my homepage, foto22027

star home in winter, 1.1.11, foto21441

new years greetings for 2011 with Knut, 24.12.10, foto21400

aurora and mist, 7.12.10, foto21320

elk in heat, 2.9.10, foto21340

ice scater on lake Prestvannet in Tromso, 7.12.10, foto21298

reflection on scyscraper, Vancouver, 4.8.10, foto21239

aurora over Vmount Vasstinden, 22.11.10, foto21099

Crowfoot glacier 2010, my 19.000. picture on my homepage, 31.08.10, foto21019

young polar bear on summer ice, aug. 1999, foto20959

first snow on Rocky mountains, 2.9.10, foto20854

ghost mountains near Lake Louise, 31.8.10, foto20860

diving tufted puffin in Glacier Bay Nationalpark, 26.8.10, foto20772

porcupine in Glacier Bay Nationalpark, 24.8.10, foto20769

rain in dusk, 16.10.10, foto20595

cranes in dusk over island Ruegen, 17.10.10, foto20569

grizzly bear in rain in Denali nationalpark, 17.8.10, foto20498

young wolf in Denali nationalpark, 17.8.10, foto20486

colourful mountain in Denali nationalpark at Polychrome overlook, 16.8.10, foto20459

red squirrel in Denali nationalpark, 15.8.10, foto20435

colourful mountain in Denali nationalpark, 15.8.10, foto20407

Dall sheep in Denali nationalpark, 15.8.10, foto20402

glacier in eastern Greenland, 12.8.10, foto20361

Ellesmere Island, 12.8.10, foto20359

red-throated diver family, 3.7.10, foto20043

red-throated diver attacs common gull, 3.7.10, foto20040

reed in dusk, my 18.000. picture on my homepage, 10.5.10, foto20016

photographer from this picture on mountain, 12.6.10, foto19913

mallard´s feather on calm water, 1.6.10, foto19899

polar bear familiy in northwest passage, foto19765

red-throated divers mating on lake Prestvannet in Tromso, 29.5.10, foto19715

mount Tromsdalstinden, 1238 m, with reflection in lake Prestvannet in Tromso, 28.5.10, foto19712

full moon over small island Hooge, 27.4.10, foto19566

strong aurora over island Kvaløya, 14.3.10, foto19322

magpie starts, Tromso, 14.3.10, foto19316

ice crystals, 3.2.10, foto19248

eider ducks escaping, Tromsø, 14.1.10, foto19177

brilliant aurora eddy at the end of time with no sun spots, 18.2.10, foto19057

young polar bear Knut in meditation; my 17.000. picture on the homepage; 28.1.10, foto19014

white-tailed eagle in polar morning, 23.1.10, foto18941

northern lights shot from moving MS Lofoten, 15.1.10, foto18924

fall at Efjorden, 20.09.2002, foto18870

norwegian vine from Oslofjord, foto18747

Christmas in Hamburg, HDR, 16.12.09, foto18715

old store houses at river Trave in Lubeck, HDR, 12.12.09, foto18674

aurora over Tromsø, HDR, 26.9.09, foto18600

complicated HDR-panorama at Engabreen, 6.9.09, foto18548

dramtic loss of ice at Briksdalsbreen, part of Jostedalsbreen, 2004 and 2009, foto18494

morning at south Norwegian Oldevatnet, HDR, 10.09.09, foto18489

orion in dawn, 20.10.09, foto18459

very old trees grow on the little island Vilm in the Baltic sea, 19.10.09, foto18391

cranes in sunset, 20.10.09, foto18369

fossil volcanism on island Madeira, 11.10.09, foto18368

Aletsch glacier, 2.7.09, foto17799